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April 23, 2021 Vero Beach Art Village set to become reality

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Update October 2020

Dear Friends,
 The past seven months has been challenging for all of us. Yet behind the scenes, a group of dedicated volunteers committed to transforming a local neighborhood (Edgewood), have worked tirelessly with our City officials to create a new and exciting community plan. We will continue to work closely with our city planners in resolving any and all details related to the re-zoning of the downtown Edgewood community.  
I am most grateful to Councilman Brackett for putting the Village on his agenda to speak before the Council.  Council members were very complimentary of the Village and wish us the best.  Councilman Brackett said he had spoken to City Manager, Monty Falls, and assured us that the Village zoning will be done the first of the new year.  Honey Minuse, candidate for the City Council, was in attendance and spoke up on behalf of the Village and its need for zoning to be complete.  John Cotugno, also a candidate for City Council was also in attendance and spoke to me after the meeting assuring his support of the Village.
We will do our best to keep you informed of our progress. 
Until then-
Barbara Hoffman
Executive Director
Vero Beach Art Village 

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