Friends of Vero Beach Art Village

The Friends of the Vero Beach Art Village is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed to promote the success of the new Art Village located in the historic Edgewood neighborhood in downtown Vero Beach, Florida. This organization grew out of a multi-year project of the Cultural Council of Indian River County to make the vision of a downtown Art Village a reality.

Our mission is to support the establishment, development and success of the Vero Beach Art Village.   We envision a thriving, attractive downtown Vero Beach historical neighborhood where local artists and other related merchants live, create, display and interact with art patrons.   We achieve our mission through promotion, collaboration, outreach and education. 

Our strategic plan includes:

  • Recruitment of artists and merchants to live and work in the Village
  • Promotion of these artists and merchants through a website, social media and traditional media and a Village calendar
  • Community outreach to develop partnerships with other arts-related organizations in Indian River County
  • Neighborhood improvement and art projects in the Village
  • Raising funds to support all of these activities

Please support the Art Village by becoming a member, volunteering or making a donation.  We need your help to:

  • Bring colorful murals, street art and other art projects to the Village
  • Create new street signs that include historic street names
  • Add period street lights to enhance the environment and increase safety
  • Work to improve green space with tree planting and landscape improvements
  • Support a comprehensive promotion program to bring visitors to the Village
  • Raise funds to complete these projects and make the Art Village a reality

We need Volunteers!

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