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Three Special Zoning Districts have been established in the Edgewood neighborhood allowing a wide variety of residential and commercial uses.

Located along 19th Place (State Road 60), the CAV-1 Zoning District is reserved for office and institutional uses, including art-related commercial uses. Businesses in this zone might include bookstores, art studios and galleries, bed and breakfast lodging, and art-related retail stores.

CAV-2 Zoning District allows both residential and commercial uses in the northern part of the Village accommodating single-family, duplex, and multi-family dwellings. Artists are encouraged to establish live-work units with at least 65 percent of the floor space reserved for residential use.

This District is also the perfect location for cafes and restaurants which will be adjacent to alleys and limited to parcels up to 1,500 square feet.

The southern part of the Village comprises the CAV-3 Zoning District and in addition to artist live-work units allows for accessory art-related commercial businesses. Unlike CAV-2, there are no alleys running between businesses. As with all structures in the Art Village, there will be occupancy and space limitations to preserve the residential character of the Village.

For a detailed look at the ordinance, please click here.

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