Meet Our Residents

This page profiles some of the artists and residents in the Village, similar to the existing site at Each row features an artist/resident, with the background color using one of the five colors from the Art Village logo.

Travis Beckett

Owner & Chef
Wild Thyme Catering

If you are looking for catering Vero Beach or for anywhere else in Indian River County, look no further than the professional caterers and fun, unique cuisine at Wild Thyme Catering. Our caterers have years of industry experience in a residential, corporate events, and wedding catering, and we pride ourselves on creating memorable events both on the plate and off of it.

What really sets us apart from other catering companies in Vero Beach is the overall freshness and quality of our dishes offered at such an amazing value. Whether your event is a joyous, yet casual graduation party, appealing to a wide range of tastes, or a business conference in need of foods that satisfy more sophisticated palates, there is no reason you can’t feed everyone you need to within a reasonable price when you choose Wild Thyme Catering Vero Beach.

Dawn Miller

Owner & Artist
Dawn Miller Art

Dawn Miller is a local Vero Beach painter and art teacher, with soft pastel being her medium of choice for almost thirty years. Growing up in Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay, still influences her subject matter choices of marshes, boats, and coastal shores.

Dawn's formal education is in Psychology and Biology. She began teaching art at the Vero Beach Museum of Art in 2007 and currently manages the Art for Health’s Sake Program at the Museum, which emphasizes the positive benefits of the creative process using all expressive modalities.

John Smith

Not An Actual Person

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